Biodesign PoolsThe heart of the innovative Biodesign technology is its internationally patented building process. Biodesign technology is an example of excellence in Italian-made products on the world market. The building procedure behind Biodesign pools involves 7 steps:

Step 1

1st step – Shaping the excavation

During the excavation, the pool is shaped directly in the earth with various depths, including beaches and underwater seating areas. (Different to what occurs in the building of traditional pools, where the excavation is larger than the final pool, resulting in backfilling.) Once the excavation has been completed, the water circulation system is positioned.

Step 2

2nd step – Placement of protective geo-textile material

Once the necessary hydraulic components for the correct operation of the filtration system have been positioned, a protective sheet of geo-textile material is spread in order to protect the EPDM waterproofing layer from possible damage caused by sharp stones or roots within the excavation.

Step 3

3rd step – Placement of waterproof EPDM liner

A waterproof liner in EPDM is spread over the geo-textile material. Its high degree of elasticity makes allowance for any ground movement without undergoing damage or water loss. In this stage all the returns, drains and skimmers of the circulation system are flanged.

Step 4

4th step – Placement of the structural net for the foundation:

The first structural net for the consolidation of the rough layer is placed over the EPDM liner.

Step 5

5th step – Spreading of the rough layer of structural paving

Natural granulated quartz is mixed with non-toxic resins and then spread by hand over the entire area of the pool surface.

Step 6

6th step – Placement of the intermediate structural net

Once the first layer of granulated stone has dried, a second structural net is laid for the consolidation of the final layer.

Step 7

7th step – Spreading of the final layer of structural paving

The granulated stone is mixed chosen by the client for the finish with non-toxic resins and spread in a second layer by hand over the entire surface of the pool. After lightly sanding the surface, a final layer of non-toxic resin is applied.

Download document for the city administration » No construction work or cement casting is necessary in the realisation of a Biodesign pool: operations which are not only particularly invasive for the environment, but also subject to building permits which are often difficult to obtain. The result is a completely personalised pool, unique in form and elegance, with minimal environmental impact, not only in the construction phase but also during use, thanks to filtering and disinfection methods tuned to minimise pollution (MagnaPool TM). Another strong point greatly appreciated by Biodesign clients is connected to the seasonal aspect: thanks to the patented Biodesign structural technology, our pools accumulate heat: the particular conformation of the pool results in a reduction of the cubic water volume in proportion to the surface area, heating the water faster. In addition, the stone finish of the pool absorbs heat and transfers it to the water, heating it naturally and considerably cutting down on maintenance costs. When cold weather becomes pungent, traditional pools are unused or covered with anti-aesthetic materials: Biodesign pools take on the attributes of natural lakes, following seasonal changes in the garden or surrounding environment. For these and many other reasons, Biodesign technology is more and more appreciated, not only by private clients but also by boutique and large hotels, local councils, larger public reception facilities, golf courses and residential developments. Biodesign – a revolutionary patent that has changed the very concept of pools down to its foundation…